InfoNgen - Discovery Engine for Business | Content Tagging Services
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Content Tagging Services

Enrich your content with metadata that matters to business users

Tagging API

  • HTTP REST service that accepts either a single document embedded in the body of the HTTP POST request or a list of URLs to the documents hosted on the public web server.
  • API returns collection of discovered metatags in RSS/Atom format.
  • NLP annotation & contextual validation of metadata for high precision and recall.
  • Prepackaged with generic and industry specific taxonomies.
  • Support for custom-built taxonomies and relevancy algorithms.
  • Multilanguage text analysis customizable for different content types.
  • Sentiment identification related to companies, products, or topics.
  • Document summarization.

Tagged Web Content

  • Real-time feed of filtered news enriched with topical and actionable metadata.
  • Get relevant web content for your search query instantly from InfoNgen Search API
  • Web content is tagged with curated topical taxonomies for different business sectors including financial, legal, pharma, and others.
  • Use custom built taxonomies driven by your business needs to filter web and get relevant content.
  • Content deduplication or clustering.
  • Track news by company, industry, product, or topic.
  • Monitor trending topics and phrases.